If you have PAD, you may be experiencing symptoms of ED as well

One of Gateway Vascular’s unique services is to evaluate men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Erectile Dysfunction can occur for many reasons such as the side effect from medications, neurologic conditions, hormonal imbalances, etc. If your Erectile Dysfunction is caused by Vascular Disease, high cholesterol, diabetes or trauma we may be able to help. Using our minimally invasive techniques, we can assess the circulation to the penis during an arteriogram and possibly improve or restore the flow of circulation to the penis during a procedure called an angioplasty.

We place a catheter into the artery at your groin to locate the blockage that may be compromising normal blood flow through your pudendal artery, which is the main artery supplying blood to the penis. While having this procedure, you will receive discreet care. During the procedure you may receive medications that will control any discomfort and relieve your anxiety. Once completed, you will recover for a brief period and be sent home. You could notice results almost immediately.

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